Finance sub-group call

There are a number of strategies being employed to address our predicted financial deficit, such as our upcoming giving week planned for March 3rd to 10th, slimming down the budget and utilising some of our reserves, all without putting our current commitments at risk. We’d also like invite you to consider whether you could be part of the solution in a new ‘Finance sub-group’.

The sub-group’s goal would be to meet regularly throughout the year to research new ways to generate funds. This could be looking at ways to make the best use of our building assets, applying for funding applications, new fundraising activities or charged events as well as some ‘out of the box’ thinking. Initially we will meet face to face on a Sunday after the service, however, the majority of the meetings will likely be on Zoom on a weekday evening at 8.00 -9.15pm. We will meet once a month to begin with but frequency may decrease and we will take a break during the summer school holidays.

Please get in touch with Justin Lanyon-Olver ( if you would like to be a part of this sub-group. This sub group will act as a resource feeding into the Finance Group, liaising with Andrew Hook its Chair.

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