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CCE Small Groups

Small Groups are a key way in which we seek to enable community and discipleship within CCE. We have two types of small groups: Community Groups and Growth Groups.

Community Groups

Community Groups are longer-term groups which meet weekly or fortnightly, with no fixed end date. These groups may engage with a variety of activities at different seasons, and discipleship happens in the context of consistent committed relationships.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups meet for a fixed term (weeks or months) with a particular focus – for example a group might meet to study the Bible; read a book or do a course (such as The Prayer Course); engage in ancient prayer practices or mission activity. Growth groups might have a greater emphasis on discipleship, but will also encourage community.

The next season of Growth Groups start in January 2021 and you can find out by watching the video below.

Find Out More:

Small Groups in CCE are currently meeting online at various times that work for the group members.  Click on the link below to see groups currently open for new people or contact the church office via Contact Us below.

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