Our youth group, Liquid, is open to anyone of secondary school age.

We meet on a Tuesday evening during school term at 6pm for a youth music project for those who are musical or would like to learn an instrument… they don’t need to be good at music to come along and indeed there are many instruments which the youth can pick up with no previous experience such as drums or vocals.

Then at 7pm Tuesday we have the main youth outreach meeting which involves food, games and a talk. The food is like a main meal so if your youth has not had time after school for dinner then there is plenty to eat…. the games are epic like building a box to stop a raw egg from breaking when you drop it off the balcony or nerf wars, or riding a bike blindfolded!

The talk is aimed at those who want to learn more about Jesus and is friendly for those who have not been brought up in church.  For example the talk may be on What does Jesus think about bullying?

We aim to make our Tuesday evening group as accessible as possible to young people from out with our church family, and people often feel comfortable bringing their friends along.

Our youth group also meet on Sunday mornings, about twice a month. This group has more of a focus on discipleship – learning about God and the Bible – whilst also having plenty of fun!

We also have special events throughout the year, such as barbecues, film nights, trips to alien rock and the Christmas play!

Our Youth Worker is Justin Lanyon-Olver who can be contacted below.

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Justin Lanyon-Olver

Youth & Worship