Our youth group, Liquid, is open to anyone of secondary school age whether you are a Christian or not.

Our main youth gathering is on Tuesday evenings at 7pm – 9pm during school term. We hang out, play sports and games (which can sometimes be fairly epic like building a box to stop a raw egg from breaking when you drop it off the balcony), eat a large (often hot) snack, hear a message, discuss what we believe and sing songs/ make music (with our very own worship band!).

We encourage youth to think for themselves and to try worship and prayer to see if something happens. For many they find truth, friendship and love in following Jesus. Those without a faith will not be alone as we are all used to non-Christians attending and it’s an environment where friends are welcome.

We also run a music project on Tuesdays at 6pm for those who are musical or would like to learn an instrument… they don’t need to be good at music to come along and indeed there are many instruments which the youth can pick up with no previous experience such as drums or vocals. Over the years our band has been made up of a mixture of Christians and non-Christians.

Our youth group also meet on most Sunday mornings. This group has more of a focus on discipleship – learning about God and the Bible – whilst also having plenty of fun!

We have special events throughout the year, such as barbecues, film nights, trips to alien rock and the Christmas play! Here are some things that our youth have written about Liquid;

“Tuesday night is the highlight if the week! I feel so welcomed there and have made so many close friends. Its amazing to hang out with everyone……”

“I really enjoy meeting up with friends and hanging out. I also really enjoy the worship and discussions we have.”

“It feels like a safe, welcoming space, where we have good friends and are able to go deeper in our relationship with God.”



Our Youth Worker is Justin Lanyon-Olver who can be contacted above.

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Justin Lanyon-Olver

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