Everyone has something to contribute

At Community Church we’re learning that everyone has something to contribute, no exceptions. We’re learning that God can speak and move through people of all ages, if they find the space and we give them the time.

On Sundays

During the worship, the children sometimes gather around a large piece of paper and draw pictures inspired by the worship around them.  Often it seems that God is speaking through these images.

Later on in our Sunday Gathering, the children have some special meetings of their own, which generally last for an hour or so:

Creche< 3The creche takes place during Sunday Services in the Kings Hall and caters for toddlers up to three years of age. We have a dedicated area in the Hall full of toys and games, as well as helpers every week.
Thunderkids3-5In this group we aim to create an encouraging, informal environment that is inclusive and participatory to allow our children to grow in God while having fun at the same time!
Kids Allowed6-8Kids Allowed provides a fun and creative environment for youngsters to express themselves and explore their relationships with God.
Bonkers Conquerors9-11This group provides for the older primary children a place to deepen their understanding of God through bible study, drama, discussion, prayer – with plenty of fun!
For 12+ see Youth Page