Faith isn't certainty

Exploring Faith at CCE

Occasionally people have a profound encounter with God which changes their whole life, sometimes called a Damascus Road experience, after a man called Saul who encountered Jesus on the road from Jerusalem to Damascus.  This experience turned his whole world upside down.

But for many folk, faith is something that is explored over many months or years, with a gradual awakening of something deep inside.  There are questions to ask, worldviews to explore, conversations to have.  And we find faith is gradually birthed within.

Faith isn’t certainty.  It might be likened to someone who has got lost in a forest, and finds the signs of an ancient path that fellow travellers have previously walked upon.  They set out in the hope that this path will lead out of the forest and back to civilization.  Back home.

We believe this is a good analogy for describing what Christians have called the gospel or good news.  Jesus has come to help us find our way home to God.

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