Hard Questions at CCE

In a world that increasingly seems divided into two: left and right; black and white; right and wrong, we believe that we have lost the wonder of complexity and curiosity.  Complex questions can’t be answered in a series of tweets or soundbites.

If you have spent any time exploring faith or reading the Bible, you probably have loads of questions.  Or doubts.  Most of these doubts or questions don’t have simple answers.  We think these questions are a sign of someone who is curious, committed to finding out the truth, exploring and searching. They are, in short, a good thing.

We don’t think simplistic answers are that helpful.  Sometimes, it is enough to ask a question and hear someone else go:  “Yes, I have that question too…”

Other times, it can be helpful to hear from others who have similar questions or faced their doubts and find out from them how they are have come to a place of peace in the midst of uncertainty.

In the end, each of us has to navigate our own way through these questions and doubts, but we believe it is better to do it in community with others than do it on our own.  You’d be welcome to bring your questions and doubts to our church community.