Toy Library at CCE


Toy Library was set up to serve the local community, offering a warm space for parents/carers to come with their children to play, borrow toys or connect with others.  There is a great wee community forming that supports each other.

Toy Library Play Sessions run Wednesday mornings during term time from 09.30 to 11.30 in The Kings Hall.  Parents and Carers of 0 to 5-year old children, and of course the children themselves, are welcome to join for all or some of the Play Session.

We charge £2 (£1.50 if you’re a Member) each session to cover snacks and heating the building. Membership is £10 / year for those who want to borrow toys.

The toys, games, ride-ons and equipment are all set out in the main hall, and a warm welcome is provided to new and old friends.  Varied and healthy snacks, tea, coffee and not so healthy biscuits for the adults are available throughout the two hours.

For most of the Play Session the children are given free play with all the toys, which they are also entitled to borrow.  The hall is usually alive with colour and noise.  Groups of parents hunker down, playing with their children and chatting to their neighbours, whilst children are role-playing, completing puzzles and zooming up and down the slide.

We end each session with a singing circle and musical instruments. The children are encouraged to suggest their favourite songs and join in with the singing and the actions.

Come along!

If you have, or care for, children between 0 and 5 years, please just come along and try the group.  We will do our best to make you feel welcome and at home.


If you are looking for volunteering opportunities, we always appreciate help with setting up the hall on Tuesday mornings, or at the Play Sessions on Wednesdays: helping clean toys, welcoming people, prepping and clearing up snacks and tidying up at the end of the sessions.

Hopefully, we’ll see you there.

To ask a question

If you have any further questions, please contact Kathryn Hewitt or Hannah Hasson.