Offering an opportunity to reflect on your journey with God in company with a guide, mentor or sharer.

Finding spiritual direction

Sometimes, there aren’t particular problems we are facing, but we would find it helpful to have someone journey with us, as we seek to deepen our relationship with Jesus, or long for greater awareness of His presence. Or it maybe we have reached a crossroad in our faith with profound questions or doubts.

Spiritual Direction is jointly sensing the presence and voice of the Holy Spirit in your life. It is often discovered through community and the process of reflection. It is not counselling, pastoral care or prayer ministry. It helps us discern God in your stage of life and development, suggest practical ways of receiving him and so ultimately to trust God.

There is a number of people within Community Church who can journey with us through doubts, questions or discernment. Each offers something different and with varying degrees of experience and training.

If you are interested in meeting with someone, please contact Andrew Hook.

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Andrew Hook

Church Leader & Operations Manager