July 2020

Suggested time of meeting is 12 noon, service content should last 30-40 minutes (at discretion of the group) and any picnic finishing by 2pm.

Please do:

  • Do follow Scottish Government advice on meeting up with other households (outside – up to 15 people from no more than 5 households; inside – only 8 people from 3 households).
  • Do meet outside if at all possible – and only inside if the weather makes meeting outside impossible.
  • Do keep a safe relating distance from other households of 2m (except for children under the age of 12).
  • Do respect the choices of others, even if they different from yours. We would suggestasking this question of others you are meeting with: “Is there anything important to you, tomake this safe for you?”
  • Do plan on not using a toilet. If you need to use the bathroom, then please ask your host if they are willing to let you do that, and make sure all surfaces are cleaned after use. The host should open all the doors for anyone going into the house, so lessening what is touched and leave out cleaning materials for people to clean after themselves.
  • Do bring your own food for any picnic and your own bread and wine. You might want to bring a summer/camping chair.
  • Do avoid touching things as much as possible. If it becomes an indoor event, the host should open doors and let people in one at a time, showing them where to wash their hands.
  • Host to keep note of who is present in case of need to contact people if anyone should later become ill.
  • Please don’t:

  • Don’t wash your hands when arriving, if meeting outside. (do wash hands if you go inside)
  • Don’t share food with other households (or utensils).
  • Don’t come if you are feeling unwell (with possible Covid symptoms).
  • Don’t sing either outside or inside (this is while we await more clarity from the ongoingresearch.)
  • Don’t hug or touch each other.

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