As we continue to use zoom for our Sunday gatherings and other meetings we continue to review how we are using this technology to ensure it is a good, safe place for us to meet online, which serves the CCE family and those beyond.

The key time is our Sunday morning online zoom, where there are publicly accessible details for joining the zoom meeting.  There are a few things we continue to do to ensure it is safe:

  • We use a waiting room for the children’s/family section from 10.20 – 10.55am.  Please ensure you use a zoom name that is familiar to us, otherwise we will keep you in the waiting room until the children’s meeting has finished.
  • From 10.55am we will disable the waiting room, but also disable the ability for anyone to unmute themselves – to ensure that no-one with malicious intent can disrupt our meeting together.
  • Screen sharing is disabled by default.

We hope you understand the need for these measures – they are there to protect us, in the hopefully unlikely case someone joins with us intent on causing offense.


As we are recording and live-streaming (to Facebook and YouTube) from 11am, we are doing our best to ensure only the person speaking is recorded or live-streamed.  But sometimes mistakes happen, and technology doesn’t always do what we want!  So if you are concerned about your online presence, we suggest you turn off your video so your image doesn’t appear on our social media channels.

We will seek to be clear when we are recording and live-streaming so that everyone knows what is happening, and actions they can take to limit their online presence.

Please note: By joining the zoom, and leaving your camera on, implies consent for your image to be used for live-streamed events and recording.


We recognise that suddenly CCE being online does raise some questions for folks around their online presence.  There are some important things for us to grapple with over the coming months, but also further into the future as it seems likely that “online” is going to be part of what we do going forward, once we are able to meet together again.

We have developed a policy for use of zoom, for safeguarding and GDPR purposes.  If you would like to see a copy of this document or have questions please contact Andrew Hook, Rupert Ward or Dan Frydman (trustee responsible for Data Protection).


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