We have long standing relationships with people in a few nations around the world:

Eastern Europe

There are a few Catholic charismatic communities that we visit including River Fellowship (Slovakia) and communities in Poland.


We have links with individuals and churches in Uganda, Kenya and Malawi.  We are also partnering with the Africa Fund.

The Africa Fund

The Africa Fund is a non-profit organisation providing finance and expertise to sustainable development projects in East Africa –  in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. A few of our projects are:

  • Goats and development in Soroti, Uganda
  • Bee hives and bicycles in Congo
  • Revolving funds in Kenya and Tanzania

Currently, the fund has been supporting two main initiatives:

  • Work among unemployed youth in Kayole, Nairobi
  • Income generation training  and projects for the Maasai people in Mkonoo, Tanzania

Give Online – yes, it’s now possible to give a goat or a hive to someone in need in Uganda or Congo. You can also contribute towards a revolving fund.



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