We are living in times that are very uncertain and can change very quickly.  This update outlines some plans, especially for our Sunday Gatherings in the coming weeks, but also highlights the need for flexibility and agility. Do have a listen.

In summary, we are looking at how we can meet together and continue to use technology for the CCE family, but also be accessible to those beyond CCE.  We are planning on using the King’s Hall (our church building) to livestream from, and in time (hopefully in September) will open up for small Sunday gatherings there (which will also be online).  We are excited about the possibility of meeting up again, even if it is going to be very different from what we’re familiar with.

There are many issues to consider and much to do.  We will ensure that meeting together is in line with Scottish Government guidance, and as safe as possible. We are also trying to be accessible as possible and are aware that online has it challenges:  some aren’t internet connected; others don’t wish to appear online.

We are in unchartered territory, as we seek to find new ways of fulfilling our mission.  There are many things that we have loved and valued that we can’t do at the moment (and seemingly won’t be able to for quite a while) but this is also an opportunity to experiment and develop other areas.

We’d welcome ideas and contributions to shape what we do and enable all this to happen.  Do get in touch with CCE leaders or leave a comment below.

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