On Monday 24th August, the Trustees and the Leaders of CCE met for our legal AGM (as laid out in our constitution).  This might sound a dry and boring meeting, but it was in fact a great time, as we met on zoom.  In our constitution we have to have this annual meeting where we consider new members of the board (none this year); consider last year’s annual accounts & finances (break-even); and have a report from the chair of the Trustees (Joy Heenan) on our activities during the last year (2019).  While Joy outlined some of the activities of the board of Trustees, she invited us to leave comments on some of the highlights of the year – these ranged from a Burns supper, training pastoral leaders; see more people integrated to our preaching team; hosting the annual Scottish Network conference; a camping trip; and the youth leading a Sunday gathering in November 2019.

In the second part of the meeting, I outlined some of the key things that the Leadership Team see ahead for us; both in the immediate season of exiting lockdown and further ahead as we look for God’s leading of us as a community.  As someone mentioned: it was exciting to think about these things, as some are definitely beyond our ability to make them happen.  We finished with everyone sharing about stirred them about this vision.

I found it a very encouraging evening.  Over the last few months, we have often had to be short-term and reactive in our thinking and decision making, due to the huge uncertainty of external circumstances.  This evening was an evening to take stock, to seek to discern what God is doing in the midst of this uncertainty, and dream together of what might be possible in the future.  The sense of hope, optimism and excitement, coupled with a group of people committed to working together to move us forward, was evident.

During lockdown, we haven’t planned any church “Family Meetings” where we talk about these things with the wider CCE family.  We are considering how best to keep communicating, listening to, and journeying  forward together.  So in time, we will share some more of our thoughts and dreams, along with our next steps.  In the meantime, we value your prayers that we grasp the disruption that this moment affords us, to move things forward.

With blessings,

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