This week the Scottish Government announced changes to the Covid levels in local authorities around Edinburgh. This has raised some questions about what is or is not allowed for people who live outside Edinburgh when thinking of travelling to The King’s Hall on a Sunday.

For Level 2 areas

  • You can travel to the King’s Hall from a local authority in level 2 or 3 if it is your “usual place of worship”.  ie. if you live in a level 2 area, you can still travel to the King’s Hall, if CCE is your usual place of worship.

For Level 4 areas

  • You can travel to the King’s Hall from a level 4 area if you are the “minister” or worship leader.  In practice for us that would mean if you are speaking, hosting, or worship-leading.
  • You can travel to King’s Hall from a level 4 area if you are providing a voluntary or charitable purpose which can’t be done from home.  This would include helping with tech, sound, or stewarding each of which we deem essential for running a service at King’s Hall.
  • You CAN’T travel from level 4 area to another level (eg. Edinburgh) to go to your usual place of worship ie. as a member of the congregation attending the meeting.

Please note Churchsuite email invitations to a Sunday meeting may not make distinctions between areas so please do determine your area’s level (and don’t rely on Churchsuite).

Full details of the Scottish Government travel advice can be found here together with a postcode checker to check which level you live in.  If you have any questions please do email Andrew.

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