It has often been said that in leadership “success is successors”.  Last Sunday we thanked and prayed for Chris Hall, who has faithfully led the worship area in CCE (among other areas) as he passes on the baton to Justin and Abby Lanyon-Olver.  Chris will also step back from “Community of Leaders” – one of our high level leadership and oversight groups.

Chris and Ann Hall have been a huge blessing to the CCE family, with their presence, love for God, and warm welcome that many have received.  They will continue to be part of the CCE family, contributing as needed, more as a ‘grandfather’ and ‘grandmother’ in the church.

We gave Chris a card, with some words of appreciation from some folks and a present to come (unfortunately delayed by circumstances beyond our control).  Chris said:  “the words in the printed appreciation which came with the card were very rich. I have a special place to treasure such words forever! After playing a wee guessing game with Ann I’m none the wiser about the mystery gift which will be an extra blessing when it arrives, but right now I feel gifted right up to the brim and over.

Justin and Abby have already been leading in the worship area the last few months and last Sunday we prayed for them as they formally take on this responsibility.  They bring huge passion and gifts to the worship & tech area of church and it is great to see the next generation stepping up to take responsibility and lead.  Abby has been taken on staff for 1/2 day a week to give her the time to lead, and Justin continues on 2 days a week, combining his youth role with the worship one.


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