Sunday meetings at CCE

Over the last few weeks, in our Sunday Gatherings, we have been asking a question about noticing God’s goodness during the week.  Now we’d like to change the focus and ask a different question.  This is still about noticing and integrating faith with life.  But the focus this time is about what we do in our weeks, and how God is at work in our “work”.   Our work might be studying, being a Mum at home, working from home, or being out and about in hospitals, schools, or many other things.

Where will you be this time tomorrow? (and what will you be doing?)
And how can the CCE community pray for you?


So over the next four Sundays there will be a chance to hear from 2 or 3 of us each week for one minute on your answers to these questions.

This question has been inspired by LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) and you can watch their intro video on this question below:

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