Where is God? In a time of widespread dis-ease and suffering, I have asked where is God to be found? An answer may to be in the question itself, specifically with the word ‘where’, which suggests an invitation to look, perceive and expect.  One traditional and immensely helpful place to look, among a number, are the pieces of rough wood to which the body of Jesus was pinned to.  He is with us, as Rupert stressed in his first talk of the year.  Jesus walking the talk, undergoing a life on the edge and in danger.


Yet in what manner or way is God with us?  This picture (click here) by Roger Wagner, one of a series on Job called ‘Out of the whirlwind 1995’, has been given the title ‘And the LORD lifted up Job’s face’.  When we’ve been asking during our Sunday gatherings ’What is on your heart?’ it’s this picture I have been going to.  It visually conveys through body posture and gesture a way in which the Lord may be with us at this point: kneeling before us, at our level, gently lifting our heads.  It may be that spending time with this image for ourselves and others will, with the Holy Spirit’s, help give strength, hope and understanding.


Whenever reading the Bible or in prayer, is there is some body language that might emerge or be suggested? What might that convey?

By Andrew Hook

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