Last Sunday we heard from Roman and Bella Tanzer about their vision and plans for student work within CCE.  If you didn’t hear what they said, you can watch here:

Roman and Bella are entering into their 3rd year at Faith Mission Bible College where part of their studies involves a placement in a church.  We have talking together about that placement being in CCE working with students and I was delighted that the Principle of the college has agreed.

Over the years CCE has had an active student community as part of our church community.  There are always seasons when numbers of students have ebbed and flowed, and just now we are needing to rebuild our student community, but we believe we have a great opportunity to work with a smaller group of students, helping their grow in their faith, explore difficult questions of life and faith, and have some fun together.

We are very excited to have Roman and Bella involved in this area of CCE life.  Do be praying for them and their leadership.

Rupert Ward

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  1. steve hibbert on September 12, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Please pass this email to Roman and Bella, as an encouragement to them as they begin this new role
    May God bless them richly as they do this, I sense His hand on them!

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