Our growth group was a magnificent 7 made up of Buddy, Becky, Helen, Louise, Moira, Brenda and Hannah, our awesome facilitator, when she decided to turn up – ha ha!!

Each week we reviewed a few chapters of the wonderful book ‘Even The Sparrow’ by the very genuine, humorous and inspiring Jill Webber. We shared what resonated with us from Jill’s very real and devoted relationship and life journey with Jesus.

We enjoyed getting to know Jill and being challenged by her invitations to try new ways to connect with and deepen our relationship with Jesus, expand our prayer life and engage more in our communities of influence.

Along the way we also enjoyed sharing the joys and challenges of our own lives and journey with Jesus, listening to each other’s stories, learning more about each other, praying for each other and sharing some very funny moments together eg eating ‘elf spaghetti’ with sweets on top, and how to make chocolate rice pudding as per Buddy’s homemade video.

We are left inspired and challenged to respond to some of Jill’s invitations, which are also invitations from Jesus, and have the courage to do something about them. One which has stuck with me is:-

“What might happen if I instead (of giving in to fear when God calls or nudges) reorientate my heart so that God’s glory becomes my end goal and destination regardless of outcome.”

Written by Brenda Farquhar

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