Tracing our Roots

In this series ‘Tracing our Roots’, we will be looking at the foundations of CCE; the story of who we are as a church and how we got to be where we are now.

Date: Sunday 23 Oct 2022

This Sunday Colin Symes starts his own new mini-series with a talk titled ‘Tracing our roots; a disciple Church’. Over the coming mon ....

Date: Sunday 5 Feb 2023

Continuing an intermittent series on ‘Tracing our Roots’, this message looks at our community as a ‘People of the Spirit’. One of ....

Date: Sunday 16 Apr 2023

Continuing a series looking at the DNA of our community, we are considering how our journey has led us to be a people who long for deeper ....

Date: Sunday 14 Apr 2024

Over the decades of our life in community, building bridges to believers in Jesus not of our tradition has been part of our story. Here C ....