Our prophetic community have crafted together a word, as they reflected and prayed about some of the input from others, especially Keith’s Short’s sermon from April this year.  This brings together many strands of things that the Lord seems to have been saying to us. Do take some time to read and reflect on this:

New life can flourish in the most unexpected places. Scatter seeds liberally and water them, in faith. Mend your nets and cast your nets wide. Use your “web”. Then wait and see what God will do. As you get ready to receive the summer harvest,  use whatever you have to hand. Just as five loaves and two fish  became a feast for the multitude with baskets to spare, get your baskets ready to receive the harvest, with joy.

Other new things are happening too. Rebuilding our walls using rubble from the past, is something we’re each invited to join. What’s built won’t look like the past. We need to be listening and watching what our Father is doing. Receive and embrace new ways of doing things. New growth has a beauty and doesn’t look like the old. We may need to look at things differently. Just like we associate holly with red berries, we need to notice it’s white summer flowers.

Look and see this city through God’s eyes. He’s making a way in desolate places.  He will provide water to refresh us. Look up and look around to see the help he has provided – take hold of it.

Be oaks of righteousness – a landmark,  giving comfort and shelter –  planted by God for his glory.



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  1. kate on August 28, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    this is making my heart rise in me

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