As we start to re-gather on Sundays and enjoy worshipping together there are lots of new opportunities to serve. We hugely appreciate all those who volunteer in the various aspects of church life and without you we just wouldn’t be able to make a lot of what goes on in church happen.
Areas which we really do need more help on Sundaysare as follows;








We are looking for volunteers to help us develop new areas of hospitality;

Sunday pastries
2-3 people to set-up/serve/clean-up coffee and pastries on the 1st Sunday of every month. (9.30 – 10.45am, Sundays, once a month)
Making soup
1 or 2 people to make a big pot of soup for Sunday 19 Sep and Sunday 21 Nov (this can be done at home – beforehand, as a one -off or part of a rota – speak to Dani)
Serving Soup
3 people to set-up/serve/ clean up the lunch. 12 noon – 2.30pm, Sundays. (This can be as a one off or part of a rota/ ie once a month – speak to Dani – or sign up on Churchsuite.


We are looking for leaders and helpers for the children’s groups on Sundays.

Leaders ; will be given material to help with organising and planning activities and games. They will always have a helper with them.

Helpers; don’t need to prepare in advance but will be there as a supportive role to the leader.

Children’s groups are split into two age groups; Pre-schoolers to P3 and P4 to P7, we need help with both groups.
(11.15am -12.15am, Sundays, once a month). Contact Kirsty Hook –


We are looking for both leaders and helpers with the Youth (aged 11-17yrs)

Leading Sunday Morning Youth session
We most need volunteers to lead a session on Sunday mornings. Chatting over a scripture or topical issue whilst relating it to Jesus. (11-12.30, Sundays – once a month).

Liquid helpers on Tuesday evening 
We are also looking for helpers with our Youth group (Liquid) on Tuesday evenings. This is a good opportunity for folk to train and learn how to work with our youth, particularly if less confident with the idea of leading. (7-8.30/9pm, Tuesdays – once a month).  Contact Justin Lanyon-Olver –


Stewards are needed for welcoming visitors to the Kings Hall on a Sunday morning, showing guests to their seats and maintaining a presence in foyer during the service. Additional duties include opening and closing windows and doors and locking-up at the end of the morning. (10.00am until 1-1.30pm – Sundays, once a month) Contact Lindsay Walker –


Worship and Tech Team – Do you enjoy playing an instrument or singing and feel you could serve on the worship team? We’d love to hear from you. We’d also love to hear from you if you enjoy working with technology and sound equipment and feel you could serve on the tech team. Contact Abby or Justin Lanyon-Olver or come and speak to us on a Sunday morning.



Prospects meet at the Kings Hall on the first Friday of every month (7:30-9:00).
The evenings consist of chat, music, drama, craft and refreshments. Our aim is to open the Gospel to all – no matter what the disability. If you think you could support the Prospects group by helping out with our meetings then we would love to hear from you. Please email Jacquie Knox at 

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  1. Janette Davis on September 12, 2021 at 10:24 pm

    Hi I would love to offer a service as A Steward to Welcome people !!

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