For this month we have a song written by David Ramos. David writes,
‘When I became a Christian some 30+ years ago, it was from a place of not knowing who God was. I was taken to a Christian concert by my friends, it was in that place that I heard an audible voice of God calling me to him. In the times I’ve had struggles, it’s always that place I remember and His voice calling me. The same voice that called creation into being, the same voice that put stars into space and waters in our oceans, and the same voice that gently whispers to us in the stillness of prayer. It’s something that’s always ‘lived’ in me and constant, nomatter where I am at.
A few years ago a few of us were challenged to write a song for a worship event based on the Voice of God, and this song ‘popped out’ whilst I was praying what I could write. For me it always takes me back to the first encounter but also reminds me of just how awesome our God (and His voice) really is.’
The voice of God – written by David Ramos

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