New Song for May
This month our new song is ‘I Belong to Jesus’ by Bethel Music Paul and Hannah McClure. This song has some great declarations in the verses about standing our ground in Jesus when times get rough and the chorus declares He is with us and for us and we belong to Him. Then the bridge erupts with praise and proclamation of wonderful names of the lord and His presence with us;
“You’re my shepherd, You’re my keeper
My provider, my protectorYou surround me, You’re in every step I take,You’re the goodness, You’re the constantYou’re my first love, and my futureYou surround me, You’re in every step I take”
You can listen and worship with this song on youtube with this link.
We also have the Spotify playlist with some songs we sing at CCE including this new song. 
Apologies our new song from April didn’t make it into our worship time but we hope you enjoyed worshipping at home with it. We will definitely be singing this song this month!

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