I have been experiencing God through nature more during lockdown. With nurseries closed and Liz being a key worker supporting vulnerable families, I have been looking after our son Elliot more. This has been a mixed blessing, the joy of more time together balanced by feeling disconnected from work and the monotony of entertaining a toddler indoors for days in a row!

A saving grace has been our daily exercise trips, often a cycle to a local greenspace and a walk together through woods or by some water. Here the slower pace of lockdown life has enabled me to experience the emergence of Spring in a way I haven’t before. Watching fresh leaves emerge, listening to birdsong, smelling flowers as they blossom, and seeing through a child’s eyes the delight of new life in the form of newly hatched cygnets.

I’ve been reading a book about how trees communicate, which has brought a sense of wonder at the interconnectedness of all things. Richard Rohr talks about creation as the ‘first incarnation’ of God, which I’ve been reflecting on as I seek to engage with God in nature. This has led to a sense of peace during this time, and a strange comfort in the continuing cycles of the natural world in the midst of the pandemic.

(The book referred to is ‘The Overstory by Richard Powers’.)