Does my work matter? How can I influence at work?

This 2 minute video introduces the’Transforming work’ course and what to expect.


Ashleigh Dunn will be running ‘Transforming work’ course that will begin in January 2023 comprising of eight sessions running monthly. If you are interested in this course then please come along to the introductory meeting (on zoom) on 9th November. The course will cover things such as; Why work matters? How can I flourish? How can I influence at work? How can I improve relationships? How can I tackle difficult issues? Christians at work are strategically placed to bring biblical values and heart felt prayers to every task, relationship and organisation. If you are in the work place and think you might benefit from this course then please do book into the introductory evening here.

Ashleigh introduces the course in this short clip below;

Transforming Work Poster


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