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Re-connecting with Jesus’ invitation to join with him and share his Good News

We start with ourselves; where have I experienced Jesus as good news this week? And then we are guided, by the Spirit, to others who need his good news in their lives. During this series we’ll explore different approaches and listen to how God might lead us individually and as a community as we take one step further in our journey with Jesus.

Grief and loss are part of the human experience, one which Jesus shared with us. Over three weeks we will explore the experience of grief; what the bible says on this subject and spiritual practices that help us navigate loss.

The wisdom of monks, nuns and the ancient monasteries may seem from a bygone era. However, these principles contain timeless truths that can bring human flourishing, and transform individuals and communities. Over eight weeks, we will explore these principles and what they can teach us, as we seek to be a Christ-centred community.

1 Peter emphasises the importance of having a living hope in Christ and we will learn how Peter encouraged these disciples to navigate a world that is sometimes evil, cruel and does not treat people fairly. How do we trust God and walk faithful with God in such circumstances?
This sermon series is for anyone who wants to grow in their faith and become more resilient in the face of adversity. Whether you are facing a personal challenge or simply want to be better prepared for whatever comes your way, we invite you to join us on this journey.

In a world rife with divisions, from global debates to church conflicts, and even everyday disagreements among work colleagues, friends and family, the question arises: How can we bridge these divides with grace and love? Join us as we explore timeless scriptural wisdom, glean insights from those who’ve walked this path before us, and uncover practical strategies for building bridges in our increasingly divided world.

God breathes and life bursts forth. In our summer sermon series, we are exploring the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, the breath of God. Throughout this series, we will dive into the transformative work of the Holy Spirit, discover how the Spirit empowers us and learn to recognize the Spirit’s presence in our daily lives. Be expectant to encounter God’s breath and the life changing touch of the Holy Spirit

We often get caught up in the busyness of our lives, always rushing to do more, achieve more, and be more productive. But we forget that our being – our character, our values, our presence – is the foundation of everything we do. We don’t have to force it or push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion. Instead, we can trust that our actions will flow from a deep sense of purpose and identity. 

The early church is birthed with with life, death and resurrection of Jesus. But it was so fragile it could have fizzled out before it had started. However, the Holy Spirit breathes on early disciples and they multiply; a movement is born, that changes the world. What can we learn from this Sprit inspired movement that will help us, as we seek the Spirit to breathe on us?

An oxymoron is two words that seem incompatible but can be placed together. This 3-part sermon series explores three different pairs of words often used and emphasised in the wider church that at first glance might seem incompatible, but when mature we can hold together in tension.

In this series ‘Tracing our Roots’, we will be looking at the foundations of CCE; the story of who we are as a church and how we got to be where we are now.

How do you respond when you are under pressure? Are there predictable patterns of behaviour when we are stressed and pressurized? And how do learn to thrive when the pressure is on?

We don’t often talk about shame – it lurks in the shadows, sometimes completely un-noticed. Yet it distorts our vision, twists our thinking, directs our behaviour, and fractures our relationships. Join us as we learn to notice where shame is at work in our lives, and hear from Jesus the Good News of joy, hope and freedom.

Exploring the stories of women in the Bible – rediscovering forgotten stories and seeing familiar ones through different eyes.

Spiritual Practices that help us to catch the wind of the Spirit and open us up to God’s presence.

In this series we look at what it means to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, walking so closely behind him we would be covered in his dust.

The Good News, or gospel. So simple, so familiar. Or is it? And if it is good news, why do we often find it so difficult to share this good news with others? In this series we dive into the exploring the good news, starting with Jesus and the Gospels: what do they say about the good news?

Are you weary of the constant striving for more, the pursuit of something else just beyond your reach? Is there a different way to live?
In this series you can hear how we can bring a sense of peace to our lives and live without constantly striving.

Have you noticed how much time Jesus spends eating with people and visiting them in their homes in the gospel stories? In this series we will look at the gospel of Luke and the different people he spent time with. Who did he socialise with? What did they talk about? What can we learn from these encounters, whilst sitting at the table with Jesus?

How do we navigate through season of great change? Especially when we are travelling off the map? We explore of ways of navigating change in healthy ways.

A series which goes through the book of Ephesians, exploring what it means to be part of God’s family as we are are connected to Jesus.

How can we ‘interrupt our pre-occupation with ourselves’ and attend to the presence of God?

What does it mean to be “Fully Alive”? A series exploring different characters in John’s Gospel (chapter 9). What we can learn from their stories, and how can this teach us to experience ‘life in all its fullness’ today?

How do we navigate through trials, learn from Jesus and find life? In this series we look at the trials Jesus faced and how they relate to us in today’s world. How do we respond in difficult and testing situations and what can we learn from Jesus?

In this series we remind ourselves of some of God’s promises to us in Scripture, allowing them to guide us, encourage us and lift our eyes to Jesus.

“Lord teach us to pray” cried the disciples. A series to explore various aspects of intercessory prayer.

How I am to behave as a follower of Christ? In this series we explore three key values of CCE: how we behave together as the family of God.

What habits can we pursue to help us grow in our faith?

Have you ever noticed that there are so many questions in the Bible? Questions often cause us to reflect or pause. In this series we consider some of these questions.

Fool Proof – Wisdom for Life from Proverbs

What are the core elements of our faith? What the basics that we then build upon? Exploration of the “elemental things” from Hebrews 6: 1-2

A series exploring the importance of hospitality and different ways in which we can hospitality to others.