For our first gathering for 2023 the prophetic community offered a word of encouragement, in the form of a poem, both to us as individuals and together as a church. 


If God were a river He would invite you to swim in Him

To walk by His banks and gaze into the currents, swirling, fascinating

Intertwined, flowing threefold yet one.

You too can be there, lost yet whole

Letting His life bring you alive

He welcomes your essence,

Albeit filtered through pain and shame.

You cannot pollute Him.


Go stand in the dry places

Where no water was there for you before.

Name the places where

Hope died

Disappointment set in

Grief resides

Shame haunts

Face into what you’ve been running from.

That’s where He’s calling us to meet him

Where the new river wants to flow

Where we can follow the ancient paths

Of those who walked with Him

from ages past.

Dream again with Him of what could be

If we let Him bring to life

All we were meant to be.


Allow a new landscape come into focus

Where new and old embrace.

Vulnerability, abundance, solace.

All redefined and reimagined.

Bringing healing for the nations.


Lizzie Cox invited us to think about three questions;

1. Consider if there is a disappointment, pain or grief that is unresolved that you need Father God to bring healing to (Ezekiel 47:12). I imagine myself standing in a dry river bed and presenting the pain to God and asking His Holy Spirit to come and flow over and in me with healing.

2. In what areas do I want to see life come this year? In my work, family, relationships or projects in the community. In every place where the river flows, there will be life (Ezekiel 47:9).

3. Ask God, what one thing can I do this year to deepen my relationship with Him?


Alternatively you can listen to the whole talk from Sunday 8th  here.

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