3rd September 2021

With most restrictions lifted, we are seeking to regather at the King’s Hall, recognising that we will each have different attitudes & responses to meeting back together.  We therefore will follow Scottish Government guidance, while creating options for some to travel more slowly if you wish.  We will continue to have online options for those who don’t wish to meet in person; for those unable to make it; and of course for those wanting to check out our church community.


With the removal of social distancing, we now have space to accommodate people every week.  However, we do need to keep track of attendance for “contact tracing”, so we propose keeping the booking system in place for the time being.  You can book at any time, even as you arrive on Sunday morning!  Booking can be done on the ChurchSuite app, the weekly newsletter or via the link on our website.

We will be keeping track of attendance (and contact details for visitors for 21 days) and will pass contact details on to the Test and Protect scheme, should the need arise, as we are required to do by the Scottish Government.  You can see our privacy policy on our website, or when you book in.

When booking, please ensure that everyone who is coming with you, is included in the booking for contact tracing purposes.


Seats are arranged  around a table (cafe style) downstairs, with a small distance between each group.  You can choose to sit with another household (or two) or to sit on your own household (in which case, we suggest find a group of chairs with the exact number of chairs you need, so others can’t sit with you) depending on what you’d prefer.

Our balcony will continue to have seating with 2m social distancing between households for those who prefer more space.   Please let a steward know what you’d prefer when you arrive and we will direct you to the appropriate seating.


We are required to wear masks indoors, unless you are exempt under Scottish Government guidelines and for children under 12.  We will have some spare masks in case you forget.  Please don’t be offended if a steward asks you to wear a mask – you might find is easiest to let a steward know if you are exempt.

Singing is now allowed (at level 1 or below) but masks are essential.


We will serve tea/coffee/drinks and masks don’t need to be worn while eating or drinking.  We have an outdoor hospitality space we will sometimes use if the weather is OK; other times inside.  When we have something to eat, we ask people to sit around tables to eat, after they have collected their drink and food.


Children under 12 don’t need to wear masks.  There will be a children’s meeting at around 11.20am or so, until near the end of Sunday gathering (about 12.15am).


All seats are off camera, but please note that anyone who speaks through the microphone will be seen and heard on the live-stream.  We have an online chat board; so if you wish to share, but don’t wish to be on camera, you can use the chat function.


The building is cleaned in advance of Sundays, including door knobs, light switches and toilets.  We ask that everyone sanitises or washes their hands on arrival.  There is also a one-way system around the corridor at the back of the main auditorium to avoid people passing each other.


And finally:
In CCE we will have a range of personal views about the risks of Covid-19 and appropriate responses.  CCE is basing its responses and procedures on Scottish Government advice. We’d ask that you follow what we are being asked to do, and be kind to others that have different views to your own and those seeking to ensure that we follow the advice.  Thanks so much!

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