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Get Involved

Getting involved in a new church can be a daunting prospect.  Often it seems that everyone else knows lots of people, and we are the only ones that don’t quite fit in!  In reality, there are lots of people who feel like that… probably all of us, if we are being honest!

People often come to a church because they like the worship or preaching, but people stay at a church because they like the people; they make friends.

At Community Church we emphasise community and relationships.  We want people to make friends, and feel connected to people within the church.  But we also recognise that people often feel more involved, when they are making some kind of contribution, serving or helping in some way.  This section explains how you can get to know people, and get involved.

– Small groups

– Sunday Lunches

– House party

– Discovery evening

– Church forums

Helping out!

Forming community (and feeling ‘part of’ something) often happens when we are involved in doing something together.

There is lots going on in the church, and lots of opportunities to be involved.   In many churches it is reckoned that 20% of a congregation do 80% of the work, for the smooth running of the activities, projects and ministries.  We would like to reverse that trend, and would love to see 80% (or more) of the church involved in helping out, and hopefully find that with more people helping, it is only 20% of the work!

In any family, there are jobs that need doing, to make the family run smoothly.  But our aspirations are for much more than that.  We hope to help people discover what God is calling them to, and support them in that.  Many of the things that we are involved with today are because someone had a vision from God and make it happen.

However, we also don’t want people so busy with “church stuff” that they don’t have time for contributing to society, making friends with non-church people, being involved in clubs or sports etc.  If you would like help in keeping that balance healthy, please do speak to one of the leaders, who would be happy to talk with you.

Areas to get involved with and initial contact details:

Children’s work: Kirsty Hook

Youth: Justin Lanyon-Olver

Students: Rupert Ward

Cell Groups: Chris Hall

Stewarding: Lindsay Walker

Worship: Chris Hall

Fairtrade stall: Jenness Cameron

Street Pastors: Brenda Farquhar

Alpha: Colin Symes

Cup Collection: Helen Wood

Video Projection: Chris Hall

Sound desk: Chris Hall