Upcoming Fire Drill during a Sunday Meeting

At some point in the next three months we will run a fire drill during the Sunday meeting. If anyone thinks they would have problems during a drill  –  eg you have a health reason for not wanting to take part – please get in touch with Alison Walker (alison@walkers.org.uk) and we will make arrangements in advance of the date.

There are a couple of things to pay attention to –

1. Everyone – when the alarm goes off, wait for stewards/ the host of the meeting to tell you which door to exit by. Don’t take big items such as a pushchair, scooter or large carrier bags; but you may take your handbag. Go calmly and quickly to the exit and round to the side of Sainsbury’s and wait there till you are told you can go back (please don’t just leave – in a fire this could make people think you were trapped inside the building and so endanger lives).

2. Parents – IF children are out at meetings when the alarm goes off, their workers will evacuate them and you will meet up at the assembly point (round the corner outside Sainsburys) – this is because if all parents tried to go up to get their children there definitely would be accidents in a fire and maybe even in a drill. Children’s groups practice evacuating the building and are used to doing it in a calm and efficient way – they will do it well and your child will join you outside.

3. If you are in crèche you will need to leave by the nearest exit that is not blocked by “fire” (a white board with fire drawing or similar). Don’t take any baby equipment with you except their coat or a blanket (see point 1 above.)

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