During the Family Meeting on 5th March we heard about the Mission group, we had an update on the Finances and an update from the Trustees. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing these updates in the newsletter and posting them here.

Missions Group

The Missions group is made up of Joy Heenan, John Noble, Dani, Simon Milligan and Rupert Ward.  Ashleigh Dunn has just left the group and we’re so grateful to her for creating it and leading it over the last two years. Our purpose is to generate energy and ideas on mission to feed to the Leadership Team and influence other areas of church life. Early on we agreed some guiding principles around mission in CCE, that it should be:

  • Good News – for individuals, communities, the nation(s)
  • rooted in prayer – with God’s ‘yes’ and the Spirit’s leading
  • leading people to encounter Jesus
  • relational
  • nurturing our togetherness, appreciating different gifts
  • building partnerships – so we can use our resources wisely e.g. Foodbank +

We’ve reviewed a lot of missional material and ideas (and continue to do so) which has led, for example, to the Transforming Work series starting. Our next event will be a “Being Jesus in our neighbourhood” evening where we want to gather people who have a heart for their local areas to pray, inspire & encourage each other into action. Watch this space!

Joy Heenan 

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