This Sunday both kids groups will be looking at God’s power to provide in 1 Kings 17. The kids will hear the story of God providing food for Elijah using birds, unending flour and oil for a woman who made him bread and a resurrection for her son.  Family chat: we’d like to offer an idea for conversation with our kids after they’ve had their Sunday morning meeting, perhaps around the dinner table or at bed time (but no pressure!). Here is an idea for this Sunday’s session from the Scripture Union resource book being used;

‘Talk to the children about a time when you have experienced God’s life-giving power. This doesn’t need to be as dramatic as jars of flour never running out, but could be a time when God supplied an urgent need or gave you, or someone you were praying for, a great sense of peace. Tell your story simply and sincerely and it will have a great impact on the children.’From Abby and Justin

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