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Leaders and Staff

Community of Leaders (CofL)

A Leadership Team that brings oversight, vision and strategic leadership to CCE.

Chris Hall; Andrew & Kirsty Hook; Malcolm Calvert; Ashleigh Dunn; Naomi Entwistle and Rupert Ward (Team Leader).


  • Rupert Ward (Team Leader)
  • Kirsty Hook (Children and Families)
  • Andrew Hook (Operations and Finance)
  • Ashleigh Dunn (Leader of Hope Counselling)
  • Kelly Stewart (Practice Manager of Hope Counselling)
  • Justin Lanyon-Olver (Youth)
  • Bella Tanzer (Students)
  • Roman Tanzer (Students)
  • Inke Milligan (Administrator)
  • Emily Ingrey-Counter (Communication)


Joy Heenan (Chair); Lucy Calvert; Dan Frydman; Alison Walker; Moira Sced; Ashleigh Dunn; & Rupert Ward