Some “Frequently Asked Questions” you might have:

Why are we changing systems now?  CCE has held people’s data for a long time, originally only in paper form, then computer files and latterly online too.  We have sought to be responsible with the data we have on people, but inevitably after many years, the system has needed some spring cleaning and streamlining.  The new data protection laws being introduced in May 2018 are a chance to do that, and find a more coordinated and secure way of holding data.

How is ChurchSuite different?  ChurchSuite is essentially a database of names and contact details (which CCE has had for many years), with some additional functionality.  The difference in this database is that an individual can see more clearly the data that is held about them, and can easily change their own information, the way people contact them, and how visible their information is to others within CCE.  ChurchSuite also brings together rotas, small group information, and a church calendar into one system.

How secure is my data? Very.  ChurchSuite clearly take security seriously and all data is encrypted.  Not satisfied?  Then check out this more in depth explanation.

Who will be able to see my data?  Only current CCE “members” will be have a log in for ChurchSuite (called “MyChurchSuite”).  When people leave CCE, their ChurchSuite account will need to be deactivated, to protect the data of others.

What will be visible to others?  You have control over what is visible to others in CCE .  At most, your name, address, email address, mobile number and landline will be visible, but you can change your settings when you log in to change what you want others to see.  We hope that you would be willing to have contact details available, with at least one form of communication (email or text) visible to others, to help with communicating with others, but it will be you choice.

What about children?  Children and youth (under 18) are added in a different “module” and can’t be seen by anyone (or their data such as address or contact details) apart from their parents, who are in control of the data that is stored on their children and those who have admin rights (selected staff and leaders as necessary for their role).  Children can’t access ChurchSuite, as only adults will have individual log in details.

What if someone doesn’t have an email address?  You can’t have a ChurchSuite account without an email address.  We are aware there is an occasional person who isn’t connected online, and we are talking with them about how best we can communicate with them, to keep them informed of what is happening in CCE.

How will I log into ChurchSuite? You can log in on a web browser (with your email address and unique password you created at time of registering), in exactly the same way that you would log into to other websites such as Amazon etc.  There is also an app on android and apple.

Is is difficult to use?  The interface on MyChurchSuite is very intuitive and easy to use.  You will find a menu which can then take to you to: the CCE calendar, small group listings, rotas for different areas of the church, recent sermons, a CCE address list, and recent communication you have received via ChurchSuite.  If you need some help, there is an in depth support article or we can help.