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Prophetic Words for CCE

Here is a summary of the Prophetic Word for CCE. It was formed from words the prophetic community developed with Lizzie Cox on Sat 22 February 2020. It was shared with the CCE family on 3rd May 2020 and has inspired a sermon series called ‘Promise Keeper’. 

CCE is a safe refuge – like a walled garden – where there’s peace, nourishment, diversity, colour and beauty. And, just as a tall oak tree is a landmark on the landscape, God’s giving us a place of significance in the city, drawing in people who need shelter and refuge.

God’s continuing to build us and form us and, like a frozen lake that’s starting to thaw, there’s a change of seasons which will mean we need to adapt what we do. For example, worship in CCE will sound different, there will be worship events in homes.

But there’s a deep gorge we need to cross – and God will help us cross to the other side. While the enemy is rearing its head, if we look up, we can see a full rainbow of God’s covenant promises and the crown of His authority and protection over us.


Here is the picture from James Saddler which he gave to the church on Easter Sunday, 12th April 2020;

I saw someone alone, (self) isolated, sitting on a beach on a desert island watching the waves come in and out. I eventually saw a treasure chest wash up on the beach.

I feel there is an invitation from God to some in these times to stop, sit, wait, turn their attention to him and he will let treasure wash up at their feet…. Maybe they will hear his voice in a new powerful way, maybe a revelation, maybe an encounter, maybe peace which passes all understanding, maybe tears, maybe joy, maybe a kiss from the lover of our souls……..some treasure from this time they can keep and hold onto.