A couple of Sundays ago, we prayed for Ashleigh Dunn, as she joins the Leadership Team of CCE.  This is something we would have done many months ago, but circumstances overtook us!  We had been consulting with the CCE family about this move and had received some positive feedback, just as the lockdown started.

Ashleigh has been a valued member of CCE for many years, with a few years away when she was working in Cardiff.  Since returning from Cardiff, Ashleigh has brought some leadership and oversight to Hope Counselling, joined the trustee team, and is now joining the Leadership Team.  She brings all her experience of leadership, governance and organisational development in the business world to CCE, so it is great to have her involved.  But more importantly than that, she loves Jesus and love CCE – two key qualities for a leader!  The Leadership Team is now:  Andrew & Kirsty Hook, Naomi Entwistle, Ashleigh Dunn and Rupert Ward, and we are responsible for the strategic and executive leadership of CCE.

Alongside the Leadership Team is another group called “Community of Leaders”, that is responsible for overall direction, culture and theology.  This  group meets less frequently for prayer, discussion and conversation.  Colin Hewitt has been part of the CCE leadership for 15 years, and has taken this moment to decide to step back from Community of Leaders.  Thank you so much Colin, for all you have brought to CCE over the years.

Rupert Ward – Sept 2020


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