We are making a small tweak to the booking system for Sundays at the King’s Hall over the next four week block – in the hope we can build on the relationships and connections forged in the ‘local support groups’ we formed at Easter time.  (These are geographical groups formed for support during lockdown – if you aren’t part of one, but would like to be, then please contact the office).

Church is about a community of believers who cross our natural connections and friendships, to be family with others.  The support groups have been a good way of facilitating this and we are keen to build on them, and the summer garden meet-ups.

We are releasing 4 more Sundays available to book in:  25th Oct; 1st; 8th; 15th November.

We are asking folks who want to come along to book into ONE of these Sundays in advance.  But rather than just choosing one of the Sundays, we are sending out invites to a specific Sunday, based on your local support group .  If you can’t make that specific Sunday and would like to come along a different Sunday, then please do book into for a different date.

You can also book in for additional Sundays, to pick up any unused spaces a couple of days before each Sunday.  We will announce any remaining spaces for the upcoming Sunday in the Friday newsletter, and you can use the link (or ChurchSuite) to book in..  Please don’t just turn up on the door, as we may not be able to let you in.

A couple of things to note:

  • We know not all will want to come to the King’s Hall at this point, for a whole variety of reasons – so there is no obligation to come along, but please know you are welcome and we have worked hard to make it as safe as we can to meet together.
  • If you are serving (steward, speaking, tech, worship etc) you still need to book in and we have a serving ticket you can select.  You are very welcome to book into a Sunday when you are not serving.

We will continue to livestream on Zoom and Facebook, for those who can’t or don’t want to make it along, and for those who are checking us out online.


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