‘Seeing God in art, the Christian faith in 30 images’ by Richard Harries

I’m a big fan of Harries’ writings, which are typically on the interface between Christian faith and wider culture.  Here is his latest book, 30 glossy classical and contemporary images drawn from the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity.  Harries understands such images as a means of grace, of spiritual transformation. ‘Because the divine image has been defaced by our egoism, God came among us not only to reveal his heart of love but also to show us what it is to be a true human being.  So it is Christ himself who is the real image of God, the prototype that we are called to reflect upon.’  These are Harries’ reflections split into 3 areas of images: In time (relating to creation), In History (relating to Jewish biblical narrative and leading up to Jesus) and In Christ (relating to being incorporated into the divine life, including prayer, Christian mindfulness and the Eucharist).

By Andrew Hook

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