Rupert Ward writes about ‘Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation’ by Robert Mulholland

Last Sunday I reference a book. Full confession, I haven’t read it all – but I have dipped into bits of it, having heard it referenced in a couple of podcasts. As I was using some of his ideas in the sermon, it is good to credit your source!


Robert Mulholland was a mentor to one of my authors of choice at the moment, Ruth Haley-Barton.  Ruth writes a lot about spiritual practices, discernment, living a transformed life etc. – and any author or person she recommends is worth following up.  Then when another of my current “go to” people, John Mark Comer (of Ruthless Elimination of Hurry fame) mentioned the book in a podcast I was listening to a few weeks, it was time to buy it.

From what I have read, it doesn’t disappoint.  Robert Mulholland invites the reader to a journey of transformation, being formed into Christ, over the course of a life-time.  He maps out the journey of faith, using one of the most ancient understandings of how faith can change (using 4 stages).  He also recognises that pathway to growth will be different for each of us, depending on our personality.  Using Myers-Briggs, he maps out different pathways to wholeness for the types found in Myers-Briggs.

It is a book that combines great theology and psychology, and gives a hopeful vision of how we can be “formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others”.

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