The Heenan family is recommending The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones. It’s a paraphrasing of the Bible for families with children, with each chapter containing a familiar Bible story (Old & New Testament). The approach Sally has taken is to use each story to point to Jesus, in some way. There are colourful illustrations by Jago throughout the book. Our 4 year old says “I like it because it’s about Jesus”, our 7 year old says “It’s kinda cool”. I say, it’s great to have a Bible that’s accessible so that we can read a story together over breakfast. I’ve loved seeing my kids pick it up and read it or look at the pictures by themselves. I’m also interested in how we can influence the children around us even if we are not their parents and this book feels accessible enough to give to close friends or family with young kids to introduce them to Jesus, who is so important to us.

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