The prophetic community in CCE have been thinking and praying about how they can offer Hope to folks beyond our church family this Christmas time.  They have come up with Bags of Hope.  This is what Ashleigh Dunn, one of the leaders of the prophetic community writes:

Thirty-three ‘little bags of hope’ will be given out to Basics Bank clients on Christmas Eve. In each, there’s a word of encouragement from our prophetic community (mainly on lovely, hand-painted cards by Emily!), along with a few little goodies.  Please pray that the right word gets to the right person, and that everyone receiving a bag is given hope, feels valued and is encouraged to turn towards our amazing, loving God to receive his kindness and goodness.  Thank you!

If you would like someone to pray with you, and listen to God with you, then do please get in touch with the CCE prophetic community.

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