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Vision & Mission

Our Mission

 Our mission is guided by the question:  “What is God’s mission to this world?”

He is constantly at work in people, in our communities, our places of work, study and where we live, to bring restoration to all things.  It is not so much that we are doing God’s mission, but we are invited to participate in His ongoing mission.  This mission is be good news to people: to bring wholeness to every person, in every way, to every part of their lives.

This means we stand and work for justice, the dignity and worth of all human beings, the alleviation of poverty, care of the environment, the wholeness of wounded people, and the empowerment of the disenfranchised.  Of course, we believe that Jesus is one who can bring all this (and more!) to everyone, and so our mission is done in His name, and we will invite people into a friendship with Him, believing that this spiritual transformation leads this restoration.  However, we work for the good of others unconditionally, and irrespective of thier faith or response to Jesus.

Our Vision

God puts us into community, and invites us to participate in His mission to the world (we sometimes call this “Missional Church” as a short hand way of describing our vision).

But what do we do?  The vision of Community Church is fleshed out by each person in the church, as we make our contribution to strengthen community and reach out beyond ourselves.

Some will initiate new projects or initiatives.  Others will be part of teams that enable these projects to move from ideas to reality.  We all play our part.  The Kingdom grows.

We dream of marriages being restored, people being set free from addictions, of people who are depressed finding life again, people in debt being free from money worries, students and youth discovering who they are, mums and dads being good parents and people find meaning and life in every stage of life, discovering that Jesus really knows how to bring people this life.

In the “what we do” section, you will find various projects and initiatives that are an expression of the dreams and gifts of people in the church.  They are a response to God’s invitation, prompted by His leading.  We feel these dreams are also informed by the needs of the people around us.