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CCE Communications Role

January 2019

We are looking for someone (or potentially more than one person) passionate about CCE who will help communicate to the CCE family and beyond.  This person(s) will be a team player, with good interpersonal communication skills, connected into the life of the CCE family, and wanting to bring their gifts and skills to improve the comms of CCE.

There is a need for some skills or experience of working with various web-based platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Mailchimp) or an ability to learn how to use these platforms. (it isn’t a technical job, requiring high level IT skills).

There is some flexibility around the specific “job description” and terms and conditions.  We have up to 1 day a week of salary available and/or any aspect of the various tasks could be done by someone voluntarily in their free time (eg. an hour or two a week).  Ideally, if it is a paid position, the person would be around on Tuesday mornings.  We are looking for the right person (or people) and will work out the specifics accordingly.

The key areas of Communications we are looking to cover (one way or another) are:

  1. Liaising with team on development of a Comms strategy for CCE and a plan for implementation.
  2. Production of newsletters, especially the weekly e-news & Comms on Sundays (eg. Powerpoint production).
  3. Project management CCE website redevelopment.  Updating website with content.
  4. Management and Development of CCE Social media.
  5. Generation of other promotional and information media, such as leaflets, videos etc.

It may be that you are interested in one or two of these areas, but not all of them.  This post would be dovetailed with the skills and capacity of the individual(s) and, with a team, cover these five key areas (ie. the individual would not be expected to cover all 5 areas themselves).  We would value speaking with you and we are willing to look at different people taking responsibility for different areas of Comms in CCE.

Due to the flexible nature of the above, we would appreciate having a conversation with anyone interested in any aspects of the above.  Please contact Rupert Ward or Andrew Hook by email ASAP but by Thursday 24th January at the latest.  Please include what you might be willing to offer.