We are almost exactly 3 months since we were last able to meet at the King’s Hall to worship together.  Unfortunately, it seems as though it might be many months before we can gather as we have known and loved in the past – in large groups to sing and worship.  We’ll outline some of our thinking and reasons for this in future posts.

We are enjoying the beginnings of some greater freedom – the ability to get out and see people; the prospect of meeting in small groups, and the anticipation that life will gradually move back to what has become known as the “new normal”.

We have a survey coming out to all CCE folks, to reflect on CCE emerging from lockdown – more details in the newsletter this coming Friday.  But here we’d like to suggest that we individually reflect on the 3 months that have gone by and what we’d like the “new normal” to look like for us.  This isn’t to feedback into corporate decision making about the future shape of the CCE family, but rather a spiritual practice that can shape our individual lives and responses.  It can be part of our discipleship, so we consciously make some choices about how to follow Jesus at this point in our lives.

These are some questions that we’ve come across that you might find helpful to consider:  (you could journal; speak to friend about them; or if you’d appreciate speaking to someone else, please contact pastoral@cce.community).

Reflecting on lockdown:

  • What have you missed?
  • What have you not missed?
  • What have you enjoyed?
  • What do you want to carry forward post lockdown?

Reflecting on our lives:

  • How am I allowing this time to change me?
  • What am I resisting?
  • What am I welcoming?
  • Am I being challenged to let go of anything?  am I being challenged to embrace something?

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