At the end of last Sunday’s Gathering,  Roy Hasson recited a poem he had written about Burn’s Night, the pandemic and our church building (the King’s Hall).  You can watch him recite it, or read the words below:

Hands, Face, Space,
Who’d have thought a year ago it could come to this?
1030: Kings Hall empty – perhaps no change
1045: still empty – our lives have been rearranged
No hugs, no handshakes, no Fairtrade treats,
No Walker family here to direct us to our seats

But thankfulness is important as Bella Tanzer has said
And these days we are thankful as we’ve got Zoom instead
Live streaming, break out rooms, live chat, we’ve got the lot,
Even seeing glimpses of the Milligans in bed and peoples pets and tots

Our God is bigger than lockdown
He’s bigger than Covid too
He sees what we are going through and He knows the outcome too
So although we’re not together in person in the Kings Hall today
We’ve met online as CCE and let God show the way!

Copyright Roy Hasson 2020

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