Would you be willing to recruit and co-ordinate a small group of people (perhaps from your small group or connect group?) who would cook and serve a meal for one night for Bethany’s Welcome Centre. Or perhaps you’d just like to join with others to cook? If so, please read on……

What is the Welcome centre?

The Welcome Centre provides people who are rough sleeping with 24 hour support providing shelter, hot food, professional services and tailored support with the focus on rapid re-accommodation.

What exactly is required?

  • Recruit a team of 4-6 people to cook and up to 4 people to serve food at the Haymarket Hub Hotel.
  • Cooking can be done at the Kings Hall or at the local church kitchen (in Gorgie near the Hub Hotel). All the food needs to be transported to the Hub Hotel in Haymarket.
  • Expect to cater for 45-60 people
  • Purchase all necessary supplies with an estimated spend of £80-£100(which CCE will provide).
  • Anyone interested in just cooking (not co-ordinating a group) can also just contact Dani (office@cce.community), who can connect-up those who are wanting to offer help.

When do they need help?

The welcome centre will run from 4th Oct to 1st May, so you can offer dates that suit you and your group.

If you are able to help on any way please, contact Dani (office@cce.community) with the dates you are available.

Bethany have also sent us this information;

‘Last year we were based in the Haymarket Hub Hotel and we will again be located there this year. Unfortunately, the hotel does not have any kitchen facilities so we will be using a local church’s kitchen, similar to last year. This will mean cooking at the church (in Gorgie) and then transporting the food to the hotel to serve. We have large insulated boxes that will keep food warm during transportation and these can be collect any time during the day before you head to the church. If your church’s kitchen is registered with the council you may prepare food there too.’


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