Over the past 9 weeks a group lead by Christina Enever, have been working through The Wisdom House by Rob Parsons. Its been a really special time with great material.

Here is some feedback from Peter Ameh;

‘How simple and relatable stories are used by Rob to highlight the overt need for wisdom in our daily living is remarkable. Going through the sessions, I realised that, like air, we need wisdom, and it is always available around us flowing like a quiescent stream, but unlike air, it can be elusive. The good news is that it can be reached if we but stop to think—think of the big picture, think beyond the moment, think with the head, think what God expects of us.

In our fast-paced lifestyle of nowadays, stopping to think can easily be seen as a weakness, consequently, wisdom is getting archived, almost uncanny. The wisdom house is a treasure to be guarded. It may become one of the very few good references.’


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