John Noble reflects on his recent growth group which was based on ‘God on Mute’ by Pete Greig, exploring the topic of unanswered prayer.

John said, ‘It has been a well worthwhile journey, not only leading the group but also learning from the experiences that others gave – either on the video or in the group chat. My prayers haven’t always been answered, which can really feel like a kick in the teeth, however, the course gave me an insight into some of the reasons why. If you haven’t read the book ‘God on Mute’ by Pete Greig I can wholeheartedly recommend it, whether or not you find yourself struggling with unanswered prayer.

Louise, who was part of the growth group added: ‘For me, I came into the growth group with questions and of the thought that some of course might be sad/difficult, but actually I came away from the course feeling really assured that I am not alone in my experiences in life.  I found listening to other people’s experiences both in the group and on the video very inspiring, and this changed my perspective on where God is in difficult times – which is actually present, not ever absent, even if it feels that way. Thanks again (John) for leading us through it.’


If you’d like to be part of a growth group, please visit our Small Groups‘ page.


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