Usher explains ‘This book explores how walking affects our thinking and our looking.  It includes stories of those who have walked in protest or fled persecution.  It asks how we might tread more gently on the earth and what might be going on when we are on pilgrimage.’  I will sprinkle about some contextless quotes/phrases to give a flavour of what is a wide ranging and referenced, thoroughly enjoyable and readable book.   ‘Going out, I found, was going in’. ‘I walk myself back into the depths of my humanity’ . ‘The road was where Jesus was to be found, and it was his classroom, podium, laboratory and sanctuary’. ‘God humbled himself to walk with us, willing to be earthed in the stuff of the world’. ‘The 3 mile an hour God’. ‘Walking can lead me to feel more fully alive.  It can also stir me up…’. ‘Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads’. ‘If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.  Angels whisper when one goes for a walk.’


And…page 59 includes amusing stories, one about an open mic that was supposed to be off and the other about farting horses.  It’s a good read, from page 1 to its conclusion.


By Andrew Hook

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